Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Added "Offer for Fans" tab in our FaceBook Page.

I am planning to add lot of useful resources in our Facebook page. So I am in the process of  getting more "Likes" for our Facebook page.

To attract more Fans, I have planned to give Discount Offer for our Facebook page Fans.

So, I have added "Offer for Fans" tab in our Facebook Page. The Discount Coupon code will be visible only to the People who "Like" our Facebook page.

For the new users, the Discount code will appear immediately once after they click "Like" in our Facebook page.

I used fb:visible-to-connection FBML tag for creating this Tab.

Once after creating this Tab, I have noticed that this tab is showing both the content put for Fans and non-Fans to me. After referring this article I came to know that I need to test it after logging out as Admin.

I hope now it is working correctly. Let me know if anyone find any issue with this Tab. As of now, it is just having simple text content. I am planning to enhance it by adding images.

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