Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Article writing Contest - Get more "FaceBook Likes" to be a Winner

Few months back, I had announced about our Guest Post program.

This Guest Post program is attracting many people. Especially lot of university students are showing interest to publish their articles in our blog to prove their writing skills. And, experienced people are planning to use this Guest Post as a way for showing their expertise in their field.

Recently I had approved and published one Guest post "iPhone Vs. windows phone" and planning to approve more qualified Guest Posts.

Many people are asking about theme/topic for their writing. So, I thought of making it as a Contest by giving the topic.

If you are interested to join in this Contest you can read below the details of this Contest.

You can write any Article related to any one or all of the below things.

  • Time Management
  • Employee Management
  • Project Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Development
  • Software Testing
  • Automation
  • Google
  • Twitter 
  • Business
All our Guest Post Guidelines are applicable for this Contest.

This contest will start from Today and will end on January 31st.

i-e You can start sending your articles from Today onwards and the articles received after January 31st will not be qualified for participating in this contest. (Anyway they will be considered for regular Guest Posts).

The winner will be selected on February 9th, 2011.

I am going to select the winner based on the number of "FaceBook Likes" received by the articles.

i-e The Author of the Article which receives highest number of "FaceBook Likes" (as on February 9th) will be selected as the Winner.

If many articles are having same number of "FaceBook Likes", I will be considering number of retweets also for deciding the winner.

Our Time Sheet Script will be given as prize for the Winner.  (Currently we are selling it for $60 USD as offer price. But market price is multiple times  of this offer price).

If the winner is not requiring our Time Sheet, he/she can  choose to get free custom website development instead of the Time Sheet Script. In this case our Team will freely develop a custom wordpress website for the winner according to his own requirements. We will be setting up the site with all required plug-ins. If the winner is not having hosting/domain, we will allow him to use our sub-domain.

Apart from this prize, all the participants especially the winner will get Good exposure to the Internet World as we are  planning to promote this Contest rigoursly. (Everyone will be allowed to include their bio link within their article)

If you are interested to join in this Contest, do it soon. Because Facebook Like button will be added while publishing the Article itself. So the early birds have some advantages over others.


Find below the current Contest Entries.

3.How to Make Best Out of Cell Phone Shop Coupons? 
4.Lost Data Can be recovered Easily

More Articles...
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