Sunday, January 30, 2011

Social Media is getting important role in Business. Twitter shows 2,000,000% growth in Job Market

Social Media has started taking important Role in Business. Previously Social media was mostly used by non-business users just for connecting with friends and for making new friends.

But now Business  people are also started using Social Media especially Twitter and Facebook for doing marketing, market research and for supporting customers.

Lot of Social Media related websites are available. Each of them are having their own advantages and their own rules.

We can find below the Graph showing the rapid growth for the job demand in "Social Media" . The growth rate is more than 1,750%. The reason for this much growth is very simple, all the businesses including corporates need people having development knowledge with Social Media API, especially knowledge in creating Twitter Tools and Facebook applications. I am planning to write more articles about Social Media development. If you are interested to learn them you can subscribe to our blog.

The above graph is for the word "Social Media". Twitter is showing 2,000,000% growth and Facebook is showing 700,0000% growth.

We can find below the graph showing the growth rate of Twitter in Job Market.

Three Social Media related words (Twitter, Facebook and Social Media) are listed within the Top 10 Job Trends of

Since the demand for Social Media for the business use is growing in very fast manner, I have taken initiative to use this opportunity.

So, we had created ArtsPoint.Net, a  Social networking Site for Music Industry. And, we have listed in Flippa for Sales. If you want to use this opportunity you can bid on this listing now.

And, we can get lot of Social Media Tools or Applications for doing marketing using Twitter or any other Social Media.

And, most of of the Social Media sites are providing API to create our own applications for accessing their data in our convenient ways.

Since Twitter is showing  2,000,000% growth, we have created many Twitter Applications useful for doing marketing.

As the demand for innovative Twitter marketing Tools is very high, we are planning to release more Twitter Tools.

Since the demand for Twitter Tools is very high, I am not sure whether we will be able to support large number of retails sales of our Twitter Tools. So, I have planned to sell few copies of our scripts with resales rights also. If you want to use this opportunity, you can refer this page  about our Twitter Applications

Facebook is also entering in Business circle. For example, few lines of  FBML for creating "Offer for Fans" will bring significant sales.

Apart from Marketing area, Socail Media is dominating the hiring process also.  A recent Survey shows 83 percent of employers are likely to use social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for hiring in the next year

And, let me know if you have any questions.

Note that even if the Social Media is growing in business, it is not comparable with SEO. Because traffic from SEO is Targetted Traffic, but Social media provided generic traffic. If you want to know more about SEO you can follow @seoToolsStore  And, we will be releasing a new website in few days. You can read our blog in 2 or 3 days to know more about this new website.

And, We are in the process of exploring the opportunities in "HTML5" which is in the first place of Top 10 Job trends.

If you are not familiar with Twitter you can read my previous post about Twitter which was written one and half years back.
And, you may check my previous post about using Twitter as marketing Tool.

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