Monday, January 24, 2011

Our plans about improving our Twitter Applications.

Recently we had released initial version of our Twitter Applications with few features such as AutoTweet Manager, MultiPost, AutoTrends, and Stats.

And, we are working on to develop lot of new Tools for Social Media Marketing especially Twitter Tools.

Currently, we are in the process of developing below things, and working on to study the demand for any other useful Tools. If you feel that any important feature is missing in our list, you can mention it thro' the comments.

  • Allow the users to add their favorite RSS feeds  for Tweeting the feed content automatically. Plan to support multiple feeds and multiple Twitter Accounts, 
  • Adding "More details" screen for "Recent Activity". This "More Info" screen will allow the users to filter the recent tweets based on QualityPoint Account Name and Twitter Account name, and combination of both. And, users should be able to search the tweets.
  •  Similar to AutoTrends, we are planning to allow the users to do Auto tweet of many desired topics such as Testing news, Social media news, SEO news, Motivational Quotes, etc. i-e They will be able to enable their account for sending targeted Tweets just by doing "Single Click".
  • In addition to our Bookmarket, planning to create browser plug-ins/add-on for the MultiPost. It will increase the visibility of our Tools thro' Mozilla site also.
  •  Improving admin module e.g allowing admin to remove any unwanted tweets from the recent tweets display.
  • Showing various interesting Data about Twitter accounts. (e.g Most retweeted within our Users, Most tweeted links, keywords cloud, etc)
  • Guided Follow & unFollow (Automatically following relevant accounts and automatically unfollowing unwanted accounts. This automatically process will be enabled to get some human guidance also to improve quality of following and unfollowing)
  • Showing links click stats using the API.
  • Showing tweets in Google map
  • Displaying Trends Data
  • Option to Flush the accounts which are not following back..
  • Sending DM automatically to the people who starts following an account.
  • Option to unfollow inactive accounts. (still analyzing about appropriate approaches to find which are inactive accounts)
  •  Scheduling the tweet at particular date and time.
  • Integrating with many social media sites (e.g youtube, Linkedin, facebook, scribd, etc.)
  • Integrate with our "keyword based  marketing tool" which is being developed for our internal use.

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