Friday, January 28, 2011

How Google is leading Search industry?

 I was surprised to notice excellent performance of Google as Search Engine. I will explain in detail below.

Few months back, I had published my reviews/comments and my experience with vWorker.

Now, my Analytic reports are showing that lot of people are visiting this blog post by searching more than 150 words related to  "vWorker". For example, I can see below words in the Analytic report.

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 I was surprised to see this result. Because this blog post is relatively new. And, currently it is NOT having Google Page Rank. And, I am having very few posts only about vWorker in this blog. But still it brings lot of traffic from Google.

The traffic driven by "vWorker" from Google alone is  almost equal  Traffic driven by the QTP related keywords from other Search engines all together. But I am having large number of QTP related posts in this blog. And, most of them are having Google Page Rank. And, I don't think "vWorker" search volume will be much larger than QTP related words Search volume.

Google's this behaviour raises lot of questions about the SEO being discussed in various SEO related Forums and Sites.

i-e Google's this bevaiour can not be explained by standard SEO terms.

So, Google should be internally using some unique factors which can not be controlled by SEO experts.

We should note that Google is the only search engine which drives traffic to my vWorker review blog post. I haven't noticed any traffic related to "vWorker" from other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

It clearly indicates  the power of Google as Search Engine, and we can understand how Google helps its users.

For example, take the keyword "can employer take money back on vworker".

Bing is showing my blog post in second page only, and Yahoo shows at bottom of the first Page.  Mostly people will not get a chance to read my blog post if they use Yahoo or Bing.

Google is showing my blog post at middle of the first page. So, mostly my blog post will be read by the people searching "can employer take money back on vworker" on Google.

If they read my blog post, they will get the correct answer, otherwise they will not have any option other than just blindly believing the words of official site of vWorker. So, ultimately they will waste their time and energy in using vWorker if they are not using Google as their primary search engine.

After seeing Google's this behaviour, I understand the reason why Google is leading Search industry. But I got some other question "Why still some people are using some Yahoo or Bing?" If you still use yahoo or bing, you can answer for this question.

Ok. Let us continue our discussion about SEO. So, it is obvious that Google is using some  factors other than known things. If you know more details you can share it thro' the comments.

 As mentioned in my previous blog post , still we need to get some good search engines which save our time by avoiding intermediaries such as Freelance sites.

For example, if you want to buy "Time Sheet" by paying low price, the search engine should show our Time Sheet or any other low price time sheet suitable for you.

But, currently the Search engines including Google are not capable of doing this. That's why many people are listing as project for creating Time Sheet in freelance sites which will ultimately waste their time, money and energy.

So, I am dreaming about creating smart search engines. Since we are good in using "php curl" for extracting contents from various sites, I believe we can start doing it soon. Mostly I will start with very small niche first. I may start with creating Job search engine useful for searching QTP Jobs or Software Testing related jobs from one place. And, we will extend it further step by step. For example we will implement Live Music Event search feature in our ArtsPoint.Net.  I will explain more details about our smart search engines later in separate blog post.

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