Sunday, January 23, 2011

Will maintaining TimeSheet really help Start-ups?

 Recently I had asked question  about Time Sheet  in LinkedIn.

 I got lot of valuable Answers from LinkedIn Users. I added below clarification for this Question after reading the Answers.

 By going thro' the Answers, I understand below things.

- People are thinking that using Time Sheet is difficult than using Excel. But actually it is not True. Time Sheet can be used very easily. So, I understand that I should write many blog posts to explain this fact in detail.

-People are tending to compare spreadsheet with Time sheet. But this comparison is not appropriate. Because online Time Sheet is having its own advantages. So, I need to explain in detail about this in our blog.
- I agree that generally Time Sheet price is high. But it is not always True. For example you can think about our Time Sheet price which is very less. So, I understand that I should highlight our Price in our campaigns.

- I agree that generally people will be thinking that low cost products are low quality products. But again, it is not always True. So, I understand that I should explain the benefits of our Time Sheet.

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