Monday, January 24, 2011

Improving Quality of our Products...

We are working hard to improve quality of our products and services continuously.
As part this effort, I had asked our Team to follow below things. I hope it will enable as to deliver high quality products and services at affordable price.
  • Improve Team work (e.g. Proper communication between the Team members , effectively using our Forum for sharing the knowledge, Taking training sessions, Doing enough analysis/work before start discussing with other Team members to save their Time, Proper documentation, inline comments in coding, etc.)
  • Effective Time management- Don't waste time in doing the same thing which was already done by other Team members or any open source coder. And, Focus on high priority task. If you are not clear about which is high priority work, you can discuss with me.
  • Follow SDLC processes - Don't start work on Coding without creating proper design and review. And, do proper functional testing. Never try to hide any bug. If you come to know about any bug occurring in particular scenario/browser list it as"known bugs" in the "read me" file.
  • Do impact analysis properly before start changing any existing code. And think about the ways to move into production environment(i-e hosting server) also.
  • And, for our Internal requirements, prepare the requirements after doing lot of analysis to make sure that those requirements will add value.
  •  Refer some Good websites to get standard open source Templates to improve look & feel of our products.
  • And, refer open source code (eg word press blog, before start working on any coding from scratch. If you follow this step you will get enough time to follow other things.
  • Most importantly, if you find any difficulty in some tasks don't hesitate to get help from other Team members.
  • Makes notes of any discussions and use it as checklist to make sure you address each and every discussion points.
  • Enter Time Sheet daily basis to make sure that we are entering correct details.
  • Give Answer for any questions asked in our Forum, and delete any junk posts immediately.
  •  Link submissions and directory submissions should be done so that they are effective. (i-e We need to follow still the submissions are getting approved). And, outdated links should be removed from our AutoTweet.
 Let me know if you have any other good suggestion.

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