Saturday, January 29, 2011

Data Tables in QTP

QTP is having integrated Spread sheet (Excel).  It is called as Data Tables. They are used for doing Data driven testing.

Data driven Testing is the process of  Testing the same task with multiple sets of test data.

For example, we can test a login form by giving various usernames and passwords.

Two types of sheets in Data Tables.
There are two types of Data Sheets available within the QTP IDE.

1. Global Sheet - There will be one Global Sheet for the entire Test.  i-e It will be used for all Actions in the test.  Each row data will be taken based on the Test Iteration.

2. Action Sheets/Local Sheets- It will be applicable for the specific action only.  Each row data will be taken based on the corresponding Action iteration.

Data can be imported to the Data Tables from external files (Flat files, excel sheets, etc) and Data bases (MS access, Sql Server, oracle, etc.)

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