Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Released new version (v2.0) of our Email Marketing Manager

 We have released new version v2.0  of our Email Marketing Manager.  You can see more details about this script here.

And, you can see the Demo.

The new features in this new version are developed based on our own needs.

We are using this Tool for managing our own eMail marketing campaigns. We used to tweak this script frequently based on our needs.

Today we are releasing it into our products list so that anyone can buy and use it to increase their sales.. You can buy this script from our sales page.

Our Forum member count is getting increased daily and our hosting enforces "per hour" restriction/limitation of sending bulk emails. So, we were not able to use the News letter/Bulk email  option buiilt-in with the phpbb Forum.

So, we started developing this Email marketing manager Tool which will send the emails at specific time intervals to avoid "per hour" restriction of the hosting.

Now this Tools is added with lot of new features. Find below some of them.

  • It is providing two user types "Admin" and "User". Multiple Users can be created so that each users' performance can be measured in a Team of people working together to manage email marketing. The Admin will be having rights to send the email messages and scheduling the automatic email sending options.
  • We can bulk upload Email addresses as well as entering the emails from screen also.
  • We can have multiple Lists and mulitple message.
  • And, the desired list can be easily associated with any of the desired Message. For example, I am having various lists such as Linked Connections, eBook buyers, eBook reference emails, Time Sheet users, Affiliates, Forum members, etc. Similarly I used to create various messages eg. Our products Offer, Announcement about our QTP Training, etc. I can easily associate the "eBook buyers" list with the "Announcement about our QTP Training" if  I want to send message about our QTP training to all the people in the "eBook Buyers" list. And, if I want to send the same message to the " eBook reference emails", I can do that using this Tool.
  • "Cron Job set up" is having various options to manage your campaign effectively. You can add any number of "list-message" combination. And, you can disable any unwanted combination.
  •  Apart from sending the mails using cron job scheduling, you can send the emails from screen also by selecting desired email addresses or entire list and the desired message.
  • You can virtually mark any email as "sent" without actually sending the message. It will be useful to avoid sending  any message unnessarily.
  • You can delete any email from any list. Bulk option is also available for deleting many emails ids. Note that this "Delete" option won't permanently delete the email. Instead, it will just mark as "deleted" . It will help you to prevent adding the deleted email again. This Delete option  is  useful for fulfilling unsubscribe request from your readers.
  •  List Reset option will be useful for sending the messages next time once after sending emails successfully.
  • Search option is available for doing any activity on particular email address.
 We are still keeping the same price $15 even after adding these new features. You can buy now to use this opportunity.

Apart from this email marketing manager, we are internally using lot of small scripts (e.g failed email collector, importing emails from Forum and TimeSheet, keyword based email collection manager) for improving our email marketing results. We can develop similar custom scripts for enhancing your email marketing efforts. And, we can develop any opt-in forms such as footer-slider. You can contact me if you have any questions.

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