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Online QTP Training in February Month - Discount Offer for first 2 registrations.

I am planning to arrange the online QTP training on February.  month

As mentioned in my previous post I am going to increase price bit more. i-e I am going to fix $225 USD as price for joining this online Training program. And I have announced Offer price $175 USD for the first 2 registrations.

If you are not familiar with QTP, you can read my previous post "What is QTP?" first.

If you want to know about me (Trainer), you can refer my LinkedIn profile. And, you can refer pageview stats of my Google knol about QTP.  Around 1K people are reading this knol every week to learn QTP and till now 62K people had gone thro' this knol.

I would like to keep this training more interactive. So, I am planning to have only limited number of people (around 4 or 5) for this training.

So, if you are interested to attend this training you can confirm your registration by making the payment. You can save $50 USD if you register first or second.

You can make the payment safely using credit card or paypal by clicking below "Buy Now" button. The transaction will be done in paypal site only. So, your payment transaction will be safe.

$175 USD - Only for first 2 registrations

Let me (rajamanickam.a@gmail.com) know if you have any questions.

Training will be done online thro' screensharing and voice chat. So, you should have stable internet connection.

Contact me (rajamanickam.a@gmail.com) if you need any further details

Training includes teaching the concepts, creating samples, giving assignments and clarifying any questions. And, I will be providing my eBook about Software Testing and QTP Automation freely if you haven't already bought it.

Course duration is approximately 15 to 20 hours. I can answer for your questions in our Forum even after completing the course.

And, I am planning to write more articles about software testing and QTP. So you can subscribe to our blog.

Find below the course content

  • Need for Test Automation
  • Introduction to QTP
  • QTP IDE overview
  • Add-ins
  • Understanding Object Repository
  • Working with Expert view and Keyword view
  • Sample scripts
  • CheckPoints
  • RecoveryScenario
  • Understanding Action Iteration and Test Iteration
  • Basics of vbscript
  • Using DataSheet
  • Synchronization Points
  • Debugging Script
  • Driver Script
  • Automation Frameworks
  • Automation Object Model
  • Reporting results
  • Connecting Database
  • Sending email from script
  • About Descriptive programming
  • Best practices
  • Web Development knowledge required for automating website testing
  • Using QTP for Banking/Financial Domain
  • Question & Answers

If you are interested to join this training, you can book your slot by making payment using below "Buy Now" button. It will take you to PayPal site, and you can make the payment either using paypal or using credit card.

$175 USD - Only for first 2 registrations

I will update the price to $225 USD once the 2 registrations were completed.

All the people who are completing this online training course will be getting online certificate from us. It will look something like this.


1. I don't have prior experience writing VB Script. Will I be able to work on QTP without Scripting knowledge ?

Answer: VBscript knowledge is not mandatory for start learning QTP. But it is required to become expert in using QTP. The online training includes vbscript also.
 2. As you said on your site 15 hrs of training will be provided , will it be enough for me to learn and work on projects ?
Answer:Yes, 15 hours is enough to explain the QTP. But you need to spend some more time to read QTP related articles and Forums to become expert in QTP. And, note that 15 hours is about the time I am going to spend for explaining the things. Apart from this 15 hours I will be spending some more time for clarifying questions.
 3. In case after completing the course will my doubts be cleared if any ?

Answer: Yes, your doubts will be cleared  after completing the training also. You can post your questions in our Forum. I will be answering them when I have time.

4. Will you give any placement assistance?

Answer: We won't do any job placements. You may follow @qtpjobs to know latest job openings.

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