Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Discount Coupon and Introductory Offer for our New Tools

We have announced Introductory Offer for two of our New Tools.

You can see the details about the Offer at below locations.

1. Group of Twitter Applications.
2. Search Engine Keyword Position Finder

Apart from this Introductory Offer, I am going to provide Discount Coupon for our blog readers.

Find below the Discount Coupon.


This Coupon will be valid till January 31st 2011.

I will be giving 10% discount for anyone who mention this Coupon code while buying any of these two tools within January 31st.

I am going to sell only limited number of copies of these two tools. So, I haven't created the BUY NOW button for these tools. You need to contact me for buying these tools.

This 10% discount is applicable during the Offer period also.

For example, if you buy the keyword position finding script within the Offer period January 25, you can get it just by paying $81 USD instead of the actual price $125 USD.

So, you can tell about this Discount Coupon to your friends and business circle so that they can get benefit from this Offer. If you have any blog or website related to business or social network marketing or SEO, you can publish this Code in your site/blog. Don't publish this Discount code in irrelevant websites/Blogs.

And, I have listed our in Flippa for sales.

You can see below the status of this Auction. is For Sale on Flippa!

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