Sunday, January 2, 2011

We are going to do these things...

Recently I have done a detailed analysis about our projects/products and about our employees performance and their skills.

Google Analytic reports and our Time Sheet reports helped me to do this study.

Actually our Time Sheet already helped me to realize the facts about how the freelance site vWorker wastes our Time. Anyone can freely use the online version of our timesheet or you can buy the script from here

Based on this recent study, I have shortlisted/prioritized our pipeline tasks and listed them in our FaceBook page as Notes.

I am not much familiar with FaceBook "Notes" feature. So, I am not sure whether it is the appropriate place to list our plans.

We will be releasing lot of useful Tools. Most of of them will be free for use and we will be selling the script for affordable price.

If you are new to our blog, You can subscribe to our blog to get the details about our Tools release.

And, feel free to give your comments/suggestions about our plans.

I am always taking care to make sure that our plans are inline with our Vision and Values.

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