Sunday, January 9, 2011

Time Sheet Resources

You know that we are providing free web based online Time Sheet for managing your employees and project.

I am listing below some other Time Sheet resources also.

Time Sheet Template For Excel - You can freely  download various (weekly and  biweekly) Excel Templates for keeping Employees time.
 Free Printable Time Sheets  -More than 80 time sheet templates that you can download and print. Or, download customizable spreadsheets for just $9.00.
TimeSheet Calculator - Allows you to enter times worked, like: 7:45, 11, 12:10, 3, 4, 4:30 and it will add up the time worked into a meaningful hour:minute format.
Free Employee Timesheet Template Library for Your Business

If you know any other useful Time Sheet related resource, you can mention it thro' the comments.

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